Please ensure you carefully read and understand these terms and conditions prior to booking. The purchase of packages, flights, cruises and hotel rooms implies your understanding and acceptance of this section, which constitutes a contract between CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS and you, the passenger, as well as your travel agent.


All reservations must be accompanied by a down payment of $300 CA* per person. The balance of the payment must be remitted 60 days prior to departure. All reservations received by CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS less than 60 days prior to the date of departure must be accompanied by payment in full.


For all credit card payments, the travel agent is responsible for keeping the signature of the cardholder on hand and must retain a copy. The cardholder promises to observe all conditions of the reservation and to sign the credit card form upon request, failing which the reservation may be cancelled.


Any cancellation, in whole or in part, must be transmitted, in writing, to CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS. The applicable penalty will depend on the date of the written request for cancellation to CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS. In the event that a passenger cancels a reservation, the following cancellation fees shall apply for each person:

  • 46 days or more prior to the date of departure: amount of the deposit paid;
  • between 31 and 45 days prior to the date of departure : 50% of final payment;
  • 30 days prior to the date of departure: 100% of the total price;
  • day of departure of after; no refunds;
  • not valid during local celebrations, carnivals, conventions, Easter or New Year's Day

For any cancellation of a reservation that has already altered the departure date, cancellation fees shall be calculated based on the initial date of departure. If a passenger cancels, the passenger or other passengers will be subject to a price adjustment as indicated in the brochure. No refunds will be made for services that have not been used during the trip. There shall be no refunds if a passenger does not attend a scheduled activity or if the passenger interrupts his voyage before completion.


Any change to a reservation will be considered as a cancellation and will therefore be subject to cancellation fees.


Prices listed in this brochure may be increased in the event of a tax increase, any remittance or fee authorized by a recognized public authority, any fuel surcharge, or any increase in the exchange rate. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD $) on a per person basis unless otherwise indicated.

All prices in this brochure include applicable provincial sales tax and the federal goods and services tax. For Québec residents, fees exclude the contribution of $1,00 per $1,000 of Services purchased representing the contribution to the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages.


Following the norms of air carriers, CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS is not responsible in the event of loss, theft or damage of baggage. We therefore advise you to purchase baggage insurance prior to departure.


Passengers are responsible for obtaining, at their own expense, all documents required by pertinent government authorities. We recommend that passengers inform themselves in advance of any documents that may be required. The air carrier reserves the right to refuse boarding access to any passenger who does not possess such documents as may be required by the destination country. Traveling Canadian citizens must possess a valid passport.


Any IATA air carrier may be selected for the programs described in this brochure. Schedules of air carriers are subject to change without notice. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check whether any changes have been made to the flight schedule at least 72 hours before departure and return.


CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS strongly recommends that you purchase cancellation, flight, medical, accident and air-transport insurance, etc. before departure. Check with your travel agent for more information.


The responsibility of organizers of CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS, as well as their agents, is limited to their duties as passenger representatives. CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS is not responsible for the quality of services delivered by hotels, air carriers, boats, trains, automobiles or other vehicles used during the course of passengers’ travels, including delays, loss or misplaced baggage, and accidents incurred by passengers during the use of such modes of transport, regardless of cause. Should it become necessary or recommended to change the itinerary or travel plans of passengers for reasons of personal well-being or any other reason, such changes shall be made without penalty to the organizer. If any additional charges are incurred, the air carrier concerned shall not be liable for any errors or omissions to which passengers may be subject when not on board the aircraft. Upon issuing, passenger tickets shall be the sole contracts between themselves and air carriers. If, for any reasons beyond our control, establishments described in this brochure become unavailable, CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS and its agents reserve the right to accommodate clients in other hotels in a similar category.

Please note that passengers are responsible for confirming their return flight at least 72 hours in advance. CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS will not be responsible for any negligence or inconvenience due to an unconfirmed flight or any flight delayed by an air carrier.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to immediately advise CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS should a problem arise. When abroad, the passenger must immediately advise the representatives of the service providers in order to resolve the problem immediately, if possible. In the event that any problem cannot be resolved in that way, the passenger must immediately advise the travel agent so that CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS can resolve the problem as soon as possible. If it is impossible to resolve the problem within 14 days of his return, the passenger must transmit to CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS, in writing, the details of the complaint or claim through their travel agent. Claims shall not be considered if CANADES Int’l Tours had not been advised of the problem at the time it occurred and given the chance to remedy the situation. No other complaint or claim will be considered.


We recommend that you check your health status with your doctor before departure. CANANDES Int’l Tours cannot be held responsible for any claim, loss, damages, fees or expenses, injuries or death resulting from any accident, unforeseeable circumstance, act of God, misfortune, delay related to baggage or departure schedules, or any other inconvenience, loss of comfort, disagreement, deception or resulting anxiety such as:

  1. Any act or omission of any person related to CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS or a representative thereof acting in good faith;
  2. Mechanical failure, act of government, weather, strike or lockout, or the occurrence of any other externally-caused event to CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS;
  3. Any failure of a passenger to: procure necessary documents (passport, visa, tourist card, medical certificate); pay travel fees within the required period; be present at the agreed time of departure; or abide by instructions concerning the handling of baggage;
  4. Cancellation, for any reason whatever, of travel services offered, or any changes applied to the same;
  5. Any act of omission or any service furnished by hotels aboard transport services or any problem occurring while aboard air carriers;
  6. Baggage handling by local transporters or the air carrier. CANANDES INTERNATIONAL TOURS will take no responsibility for theft or damage, which is why we suggest that your purchase baggage insurance.

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